Sell Barcode Scanner( HS3000S)

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Handheld laser barcode scanner HS-3000S (With frame)
 Novel in design, light and flexible, convenient and swift
 The design meets ergonomics requirements, with special handle and extremely comfortable operation feels. Long-term use will not easily lead to tiresome, and the scanner can recognize and read various kinds of bar codes accurately.
 Multiple built-in interfaces
 With Remarkable shock-resistance performance, the product can still perform well after dropping from the height of 2m to the cement ground

Type of lamp house: 650nm laser
Manner of using: Portable or setting in bracket
Rate of wrong code: 1/1,000,000
Security capability: In compliance with the national Grade II laser security standards
Type of bar codes: UPC-A, UPC-E, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 0f 5, E AN8, EAN 13, Code 128, EAN 128, Code39, Code 93, Codabar125, etc.
The supported port: The interfaces of RS 232, PC Keyboard and USB
The manner of scan starting: Manual or automatic
Speed of transfer: RS232 Baudrate; 2400-38400
Degree of parse (pos0.9) : 0.10mm(4mil)
Width of reading: 60mm at 30mm (The distance to thing) ; 98mm at 100mm (The distance to thing)
Depth of field: 10-420mm (pos0.9 density 0.25)
Speed of code reading: 100times/s
Precision of code reading: 0.10-0.825
Distance of code reading : 10-520mm
Elevation of reading: 600
Obliquity of reading: 450
Operating temperature: -20 0-450
Storage temperature: -20 0-450
Operating humidity: 5%-85%
Storage humidity: 5%-85%
Power supply: 5V
The working electric current: 120mA
The static electric current: 30mA
Test of springing and dropping: 100 times/2m
Intensity of bearing the light: Sunlight 3.000lux max
Disturbance of electromagnetism: In compliances with the en50081. par1 specifications
Avoid the disturbance of electromagnetism exterior: In compliances with the en50082. par1 specifications
Dustproof and waterproof: In compliance with the icc529 and ip42 specifications
Dimension: Length x Width x Height 112 mm x75 mm x 200 mm
Material: ABS+pc
Weight: 158g