Sell Barium

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BaCO3 is a kind of white orthorhombic crystal and a kind of inorganic salt which can dissolve not only in diluted acid sour, but in salammoniac solution and ammmonium nitrate solution. However, it hardly dissolves in water and can decompose only when the temperature reaches about 1300o. The main products of our company include: powdery calcium carbonate, heavy, powdery calcium carbonate, light, dry granular calcium carbonate and wet granular calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is a kind of important raw materials for producing the image tube of TV set, the display of computer, the monitor of industry and the electronic component. Besides, they have also been widely applied to the production of magnetic material, pottery and coating material. The application of the products involves more than ten trades, such as electronic information, chemical industry, light industry, pottery, metallurgy, etc. The specification of the package is 25 kg, 50 kg or 1000 kg.