Sell Barrel and Screw for Plastic Processing Machine

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Type: Bi-metal type & Nitrided type
Application: For Use in Injection Moulding Machine, Extrusion Moulding Machine, Bakelite Moulding Machine, Rubber Moulding Machine & Metal Extrusion Machine.
As for our bimetallic barrel, we have raised its tungsten carbide content to 25%-40% and 40%-60% from the previous 9.5%-15% of tungsten carbide and increased the processing lengths to 4000mm from the previous length of 3000mm. Processing internal diameter is from14 mm to150 mm.
For ordinary nitrided type barrel: Internal Diameter 14-150mm, Max length 6000mm.
Bimetallic Screw
For our bimetallic screw too, we have adopted a new method of surface hardening process by HP/HVOF spray coating of the entire screw surface instead of only hardfacing the screw flights by PTA treatment. We also have the ability to manufacture carbide-powder sprayed and hardened alloy screws.
Processing Dimension: Diameter 12-250mm, Max length 7000mm.