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Barytes is a common mineral and makes very attractive specimens. It often is an accessory mineral to other minerals and can make a nice backdrop to brightly colored crystals. At times bladed or tabular crystals of Baryte form a concentric pattern of increasingly larger crystals outward. This has the appearance of a flower and when colored red by iron stains, these formations are called "Desert Roses". Because Baryte is so common, it can be confused for other minerals. Celestite (SrSO4) has the same structure as barite and forms very similar crystals. Barytes is chemically known as Barium Sulphate (BaSO4) . Application Scope Used in Primers, Road Marking paints and Alkali Proof paints, etc. It is widely used in High grade Emulsion paints & Primers as an effective extender pigment. It has been able to replace 15%- 25% of TiO2 depending upon the paint formulation. By virtue of Barytes addition, which causes air filled voids to form and become an integral part of the film, opacity is significantly enhanced. Barytes is also used in plastic products. Barytes addition acts as effective spacers for maximizing opacity. As TiO2 particles tend to agglomerate, spacing agents like Barytes helps to minimize loss of the high refractive index interface. Because of internal void volume and open packing structure arising from irregular shape Barytes is more efficient in opacity enhancement in water based paints. Scrub resistance imparted by Barium Sulphate is improved as particle size is increased.
The increased toughness of paint films containing Barytes is related to better wetting and adhesion. The relatively lower polarity Barytes is wetted more efficiently by vehicle; thereby producing better dispersion & stronger bond.
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