Sell Basalt Fiber Needled Felt

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Product Summary
Continuous basalt fiber needled felt is made by random entanglement of single fibers to form a three-dimensional structure. There is the large surface area of the 5.5-75m fine fibers and about 80% porosity, no boron. Basalt fiber needled felt can be used in high efficiency air filtration and purification, heat and sound insulation, and used as cushion material for hot rolling of steel and aluminum.
- Advanced air filtration system;
- Filtration, acoustic absorption, heat insulation and vibration proofing systems in electronic industry;
- Poisonous gas and dust filtration systems in chemical industry;
- High-temperature resistance, environmental protection automobile mufflers;
- Heat insulation and acoustic absorption system of vessels and ships.
Thickness(mm) :10
Width(mm) :1000
Volune density(g/m3) :140-200
Area weight(g/m2) :950
Lenth(m/roll) :30