Sell Baseball TV Game 8 Bit

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Product Name:Baseball TV Game 8 Bit
Model No. :KZ-TVGame2005

*Virtual reality, sport, entertainment, connect with TV directly, no time, space and player limit
*8 bit . Infrared ray control

Baseball TV game is a kind of virtual reality TV game device. It includes all programs of Baseball sports and competition. Only connect this device directly with TV, and following the instruction on the TV screen menu, the player can enjoy whole Baseball sports at home.

Real sport and competition feeling Small size, simple to use, onvenient to take, clear menu instruction on TV Screen Ideal game for self-raining and home entertainment

1. Outer measurements: 202 x 158 x 84mm/310 x 55mm
2. Power: DC 7-12V
3. Pcs/ctn: 12
4. Measurements: 69.5 x 49.5 x 61cm
5. NW: 16.6kg
6. GW: 18.6kg
7. TV baseball is an interactive digital game
8. Different levels and vivid modes are provided: home run, training and competition