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Bass pump(vibration speaker)

bassPUMP III - the hardness in terms of bass

Instead of vibrating membrane is the magnet swinging hanged.
With a music signal from the magnet (large mass is moved) and transmit the vibrations to the ground.

The result (depending on substrate) structure-borne noise or audible sound!

In the car, especially in convertible vehicles without a subwoofer can be used.

Even powerful systems deliver significantly more bass.
In any home theater duty: The bass, engines and explosions are not only audible, but also clearly evident.
Also winning PC and console games much more realistic.

Defines the bass feel new!
Specifications: Power Handling: 50 W sin. , 70 W max. ,
usable frequency (depending on substrate) 20-200 Hz.

Best price/performance ratio low frequency transducer. Good power output, easy fixing, flat casing.

Impedance 4ohms, maximum continuous input power 50W RMS
Bass Shaker "Bass Pump III"

Weight (incl. mount) approx. 1 kg
Impedance 4 ohms
Max. input power 50W RMS

also installation of a pump bass on the sofa . . . . for movies
Model Number
bass pump III