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Bath Germanium Ball
(For bath, footbath and make-up etc)
Granule Size: 24-26mm
Packing: 12pz/network
Bath Germanium Ball is grey black. This product combines germanium health care and magnetic therapy health care both in one. During the course of bath, it can reach efficacy of health and strong body, figure body and care face.
Due to there evenly arrange particle material contained persistent magnetism inside Bath Germanium Ball, on the surface of the ball it has magnetic particles with N, S polar. It has characteristics such as: intension of magnetic field is moderate, bound of magnetic field is wider, launching radian of magnetic line of force is higher etc. This kind of magnetic field can change the direction of orbital magnetic moment and spin magnetic moment of atom and molecule. Its function elements as follows:
1. Produce micro electric current. Various body fluid of the body belong to electrolyte solution. In alternating filed, magnetic line of force does cutting conductor movement, which will brings induced current. With the systole and diastole, the blood is also continuously flowing. Due to the movement of blood stream in blood vessel, do cutting to magnetic line of force, which will also bring current in the body. Micro electric current produced for magnetic therapy can have influence to bioelectricity movement inside the body so that influences metabolism and function of every organ and tissue.
2. Action to bioelectricity. Bioelectricity inside the body, such as electric movements of the heart, electric activity of the brain, myoelectricity and nerve action potential etc, is the important part composed of physiological activities. Under the action of magnetic field, bioelectricity will be acted upon by magnetic field force. That will cause functions of relative tissue and organ to happen corresponding change, expedite electron transfer of organism and build up metabolism of organism.
3. Action to organism. In magnetic field, the body will be acted upon by various action of magnetic field and bring various effects: under the action of electric magnetic filed, dipole and free charge inside the organism will have the tendency of array according to the direction of electric magnetic field. That corrects magnetic field of positive and negative pole and let cells resume normal action. Simultaneously in the course, cause irregular movement of molecule and atom intensifier and produce heat, so as to make pellicle of the skin in the status of slight fever movement. Accelerate microcirculation and activates cells. Boost up metabolism capability of the cells. Make the skin full of energy and make the skin smooth with elasticity.
4. Magnetize water molecule. After magnetic net of this product have caused force to water treatment, it will produce magnetic action. Some scientists think that water molecule itself is a small magnetic body. Due to opposite magnetic pole can mutually absorb, so that in ordinary water many water molecule will firstly absorb each other, and combine into giant molecular group. The molecular group will weaken multi physical and character of water. After ordinary water has passed through magnetic field action, it breaks through molecular group combined formerly and makes it become into single great-hearted water molecule. Its mechanism is mainly that can influence hydrogen bond change between water molecules and structural changes near ionization in water solution, such as electricity transformation change, H-O-H bond angular variation, etc. In addition, when bring to bear magnetic field on polarity molecule water, water molecule will tropism do according to disturbance of the water. Magnetohydrodynamic wave that disturbed water forms in certain condition will simultaneously have influence to the structure of the water.
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