Sell Bath Soaps

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our factory is a leading manufacturer and exporter of personal care and cosmetics items in China, We can offer hair care, skin care, soaps, make-up products etc.

personal care items;
Creams, emulsions, lotions gels or oils for the skin;
skin tonics;
Tinted bases including liquids, powders or pastes;
Perfumes; toilet waters, aftershaves;
Bath or shower preparations including salts, foams, gels or oils;
Hand cleanser; hand protection creams or barrier creams;
hair gel;
hair conditioner;
hair dye;
Hair setting;
hair oil;
Hair tonics,
Make-up products;
Shaving creams, foams, lotions or soaps.
Sun tanning without the sun;
Skin whitening products;
Breast enhancing &firming products;
Anti-cellulite & body slimming products;
Age delay &anti-wrinkles products;
Acne solutions products;
Body hair removing products;
Eye treatment products;
Foot treatment products;
Lip treatment products;
TCM beauty products,
Salon beauty products;

Any enquire of private labeling, OEM, semi-finished items, small quantity all very welcome.

if you are interested in any items above, it's nice of you to feel free let me know.
You know, as a leading and big professional skincare, hair care manufacturer. I am sure we can offer a most competitive price than that products middle business man or the other small factory. As a big manufacturer in this field, we have the enough strength to control the cost price in the lowest plane, so we have an absolute predominance to offer the lowest price for you.
As a private label OEM professional factory, we have setup R&D department for many years, we can develop many kinds of product formulations with ourselves. So the customers just offer their details requirement or real samples is enough. Anyway, we will offer the high quality product with the lowest price.
Anything can be negotiate.