Sell Bathhouses. Fully-equipped log bathhouse in one day

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A log bathhouse will be produced, assembled and equipped in our factory according to the project chosen by you. A fully-equipped log bathhouse is transported to the location, it has its roof attached, communications connected and you can start using it right away. The construction of a bathhouse in your parcel of land takes 1 day.
The structure of a log house

* Walls made of 12-16 cm logs, dried up to 18-20%;
* Roofing made of laths of Canadian white cedar;
* Wooden windows and doors;
* Floor and ceiling insulation;
* Chimney (if needed) .

Log bathhouse can be built on your foundation or on foundation brought by us.

The house has all indoor finish works done

* Wood plank flooring;
* Ceiling of wood panels;
* Wooden door;
* Electricity installation;
* Indoor and outdoor illumination;
* Plumbing and sewage system;
* Ventilation system.

We recommend you equipping a separate insulated bath-sauna in a log house as it will help you not only to heat your bath rapidly and reach high temperature, but also protect your house from dampness, mould and make it long-lived. A separate insulated frame protects softwood logs from warmth and resins.

We produce log houses with fully-equipped baths

* Separate wooden frame of a bath;
* 5 cm layer of thermal insulation;
* Damp insulation;
* Firewood or electric heater;
* Panels of the highest quality (linden or Canadian red cedar) ;
* Bunks made of African abachi timber;
* Overlaid in oil;
* Glass door of a bath;
* Shower cabin;
* Flooring of ceramic tiles;
* Ventilation system and sewerage system.
* Other fittings: lightning, grates, enclosure for a heater, thermometer, stones for a bath, etc.