Sell Bathroom heater 403-68

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1. Light power consumption: 60w
2. Ventilate air power consumption: 20w
3. Installation Height: 2.2-2.5m
4. Hole Dimension: 290*290mm
5. Thickness: 140mm
6. Voltage and Frequncy: 220V/50HZ
7. Heater power consumption: 1100w

1) Super-thin panel and right angle of design feature concise line, which
Embodies decorum and taste

2) Delicate button and grand board embody the harmonious integration of
Classical type and fashion design

3) Two-spring structure and high conductive low temperature rise silver alloy assure security and reliability

4) The pressure-plate terminal makes the large cross section of wiring available.

5) Advantage: Rational structure, easy to install, exterior looks bright and sight.