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For an important buying company in Europe we are now looking for a supplier of the following product in large amounts:

- Batteries

Specification and requirements:

1. Starter-batteries (car- and truck batteries, automotive batteries, lead-acid starter-batteries, maintenance free automotive batteries) : lead-acid batteries built according to DIN- and JIS standards. All batteries must correspond to DIN 43539.

2. Traction batteries (2 volt traction cells, lead-acid traction batteries, PzS-cells) : lead-acid traction cells with positive tubular plates (PzS) and bolt-on connectors.

3. Deep-cycle batteries : (semi-traction batteries, golfcar batteries, motive power batteries, leisure batteries, tubular motive power batteries, monobloc batteries) : lead-acid batteries (6V and 12V) with thick flat positive plates (semi-traction) or tubular positive plates (monobloc batteries) which can resist to deep discharges and heavy cycling use.

4. SLA-batteries (VRLA batteries, sealed batteries, sealed lead acid batteries, valve regulated lead acid batteries) : lead-acid batteries which are completely closed and maintenance free. 6V and 12V. The electrolyte (acid) is contained in AGM (absorbed glassfiber mat) . The batteries can be used fo both cycling use and floating use.

5. Gel batteries (gel semi-traction batteries) : lead acid batteries in which the acid is replaced by gel. The batteries are sealed and completely maintenance free. They can be used as a starter-battery and as traction battery.

The Chinese supplier should be a manufacturer of these batteries, no trading company. The main components of the batteries like the grids, positive and negative plates should be manufactured by the factory and should not be bought from another supplier. Battery box and cover, separators, glassfiber mat can be outsourced. Manufacturers with a long experience and important references have our preference
The battery manufacturer should have a workforce of minimum around 500 employees or more.

Do not send us your quotations now. You can send them directly to the buying company later.

Please only let us know by Email if you can supply the requested product according to the above mentioned specifications and requirements!
If you can supply this specific product we will contact you after the receipt of your email.

If you can supply this product for an interesting price and good quality, we will most certainly have more interesting European customers for you in the future!

Please note that this European customer is only looking to get in contact with a producer and not with a trading company. Please do not respond in case you are not a producing company yourself.
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