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HR: Valve Regulate Lead Acid High Rate Batteries
HC: Valve Regulate Lead Acid High Cycle Batteries
UPS: Valve Regulate Lead Acid High Current Batteries For Ups
AS: Valve Regulate Lead Acid Stationary Batteries
JS: Valve Regulate Lead Acid Stationary Batteries
FT: Valve Regulate Lead Acid Front Access Batteries
UXL: Valve Regulate Lead Acid Long Life Batteries
CR: Valve Regulate Lead Acid Batteries For Camcorder

Accord well on voltage and capacity
Low internal resistance
Low self-discharge
Long cycle life (500-600 times)
Good High-temperature resistance character
Explosion-proof device

High Energy Density
High Voltage (3.7V/cell)
Non-metal Lithium
Long Cycle Life
No Memory Effect
Quickly charge

High energy density:
Volumetric energy density of 370Wh/l
Gravimetric energy density of 150Wh/kg
High voltage: with average operating voltage at 3.7V.
Excellent charge and discharge cycle characteristics: it's more than 500 cycles under normal use
Minimal self-discharge: fewer than 10% per month
No memory effect
Carbon material, rather than metallic lithium or lithium alloy, is used as the anode material
Wide range of operating conditions for good safety
Quickly charge: it takes only 70 minutes to charge the battery to saturate under the condition of 1CmA

3-step charge control
Switch mode
Charge current not affected by fluctuations in mains voltage
The wide input voltage range
Short circuit / over load / over current protection.
Small volume and light weight
Accord with UL, CE, TUV, CSA, etc. attestation of all country's safety standard

Supply Capacity
Power Requirements