Sell Battery Charge &discharge machine

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Microprocessor-controlled battery formatting charge discharge machine (24L)
APPLICATION: Suitable for formation/charging/discharging of storage battery which require high constant performance (as group using medium/small-sized lead-acid batteries and electric-bicycle battery) .
FEATURES: Apply domestic and international advanced technology. Developed according to domestic and abroad customers latest actual demand. Controlled by a microcomputer. With such features as powerful function, high precision, reliable performance, low energy consume, discharge with feedback to supply, non-interfere with each other, pleasing visual, easy to operate and maintain, etc.
FUNCTION: Provide following working modes and stage-shift modes: constant current, constant voltage, constant current limited voltage/limited time, pause, cycle, etc. Record working data in time fixing automatically. Provide protection against over current, over voltage, short circuit, incomplete phase, etc. Power down data storing and power on recovering automatically. All machines (at the same workshop) can be connected with PC (prepared by customer) by series interfaces, so the data will be monitoring, processing, printing and saving.