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AC input voltage range of 100V to 240V. AC input frequency range of 50Hz or 60Hz. DC output voltage range of 12V or 24V. Charging type: Floating charge and automatic trickle charge.
AC input voltage:100V or 110V or 115V or 120V or220V or230V or240V
AC input frequency:50Hz or 60Hz
DC output voltage:12V or 24V
Charging type:Floating charge and automatic trickle charge
Type of suitable batteries:All type of Lead Acid batteries
Code A:163mm(W) *93mm(L) *68mm(H)
Code B:70mm(W) *145mm(L) *46mm(H)
Code C:70mm(W) *190mm(L) *46mm(H)
Code D:170mm(W) *224mm(L) *170mm(H)