Sell Be Your Professional Sourcing, Purchasing, Buying Agent In China

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Help you in sourcing and importing from China!

If you want to buy something from China? But. . .

No prompt reply?
No reliable suppliers?
No qualified products with competitive price?
No best communication?

We can help!

If you are regular buying something from China? But. . .

Too much traveling time and charges to inspect your ordered goods.
Too difficult to find new design.
Too difficult to get better suppliers.

Why not let us do these for you?

We will save your time, money and energy! So email us information about the product along with your target price and quantity you want. You will be surprised what we can do for you.

Range of services:
1. Products sourcing for you.
2. Prices negotiation for you.
3. Review the entire process from basic design specifications to first samples for you.
4. Quality inspections before shipment for you.
5. Arrange shipment for you.
6. Find you the right partner in the field to sell your products in chinese market.
7. Find you the right partner in setting up joint-venture to manufacture, assembly and sell your products in china.
8. To be your representative office and contact in china.
9. To find someone with good ability and you can recruit to be your staff or representative officer in china office.

Free feel to contact us for more information.