Sell Beans, kidney beans

Beans, kidney beans You May Also Be Interested In: black kidney bean light speckle kidney bean red light speckle kidney bean red speckle kidney bean small black kidney bean
white/red/black kidney Bean, red light Speckle Kidney Bean,
Small Black Kidney Bean, Light Speckle Kidney Bean, Red Speckle Kidney Bean

Detailed Product Description:
1) White kidney beans
A) Large white kidney beans: 45pcs/100g, 55pcs/100g, 65pcs/100g, 180-200pcs/100g
B) Medium white kidney beans: 200-220pcs/100g, 220-250pcs/100g
C) Small white kindey beans: 250-270pcs/100g, 270-300pcs/100g d) Japanese white kidney beans: 300-320pcs/100g
2) Light speckled kidney beans: 180-210pcs/100g,
3) Speckled red kidney beans: 190-230pcs/100g
4) Red beans:
A) Dark red kidney beans
B) English red kidney beans
C) small red beans
Terms of Payment
L/C, T/T