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1) Power-saving: the power consumption is 1/8 to 1/10 of the traditional bulb
2) Super brightness: the Luminance is 2-3 times than traditional bulb
3) Long product life: it can be brightly lighted up continuously over 10,000 hours
4) Easy operation: it only takes you 3 minutes to do the DIY installation
The advantages of LED lamps:
1. Economy. LED lamps will reduce your future or current relamping costs with LED arrays that:
1) Last an average of 100,000 hours (or about ten years) .
2) Withstand shocks, vibrations, frequent switching and temperature extremes that rapidly incapacitate fragile incandescent lamps.
3) Are 10 to 50 times more energy-efficient, thus reducing your operating costs by up to 90%
2. Beauty. LEDs produce sharp, vibrant color even pure white. Response times are 100 to 1,000 times faster than incandescents so there's no flicker ? just pure dramatic light.
3. Versatility. Every day, LEDs are replacing incandescent lamps all around the world. The only limit is your imagination.
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