Sell Beautiful House Of Transfers ESTD:1993 [INDIA]

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We thank you for ur initiation and interest:

We thank you for your beautiful timely gesture catching the right moment in involving urself in our beautiful range of products.

For your information we are the First company who has indegenously developed plastisol inks in 1993 in Mumbai India. Since then we had many feathers in our vast product list.

Even you will find in Heat Transfers sections many things of ur interest and brief details and images are there for ur view.

We have specially developed Plastisol Transfer Printing Inks, which can be printed via screen printing and there is another ink called Litho Transfer Inks which is printed by offset process and after the printing Backup White and Backup Printable Adhesive is applied and the transfers are ready. All these products are available with us. We hope you will enjoy seeing the site.

Prices very competitive. High performances. Excellent coverage. Easy print stroke.
Quality comparable to any top most brand. Full opacity in opaque colours.
No smudging. No croaking. Good fastness properties. Smooth satin finish. Worth investing.

It will be our privilege to cooperate and serve with pleasure and work together jointly for the mutual benefit of our companies.

May we request you to acknowledge us with more details about ur company and nature of business and which products you are at present marketing or using the brand and company.
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