Sell Beauty Mist Generator by using ordinary water

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Beautamin Su is a product for a user to be able to use after directly generating beauty mist by using ordinary water.
It regulates the pH balance of skin by changing ordinary water into irritation-free weak acidity
beauty soft water after filtering residual chlorine and impurities remaining in water.
It is a skin-friendly beauty mist generating product containing vitamin C, Antibacterial Ceramic Ball, De-chlorine ceramic ball etc. that are effective in refreshing yourself and soothe dried and tired skin in daily life.

(( 5 Features of Beautamin-su) )
 Originality - application for a PCT international patent
-Beauty mist generator developed for the first time in Korea.
 Practicality - beauty soft water directly generated by a user
-Being able to use irrespective of place.
 Economical efficiency - filter refill is available
-More economical than a disposable product considering the period of usage.
 Convenience - ordinary water is available to use
-Being able to use anytime and anywhere if there is ordinary water.
 Variety - various uses
-Being able to use on the whole body including a face, body, hair, etc.

1. Ion exchange resin: change tap water into weak acidity water.
2. Antibacterial Ceramic Ball :
-A Safety for drinking water
-Antibacterial & Disinfection
-Remove bad smell in water
3. De-chlorine Ceramic ball :
-Removes the carcinogen & chlorine in the water.
-Elutes a little Ca
4. Vitamin C:
-Contain the generation of melanin
-Protect skin from the damage of UVB(ultraviolet-B)
-Accelerate the generation of collagen and the regeneration of a cell.
5. HGF:
-Prevention of a hair damage
-Protection of a cell membrane
-Free radical scavenging activity
-Coating effect of a damaged hair
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