Sell Beautyflex Plastisol Inks For Your Tshirts.

Beautyflex Plastisol Inks For Your Tshirts. You May Also Be Interested In: inks plastisol inks powder mixing screen inks tshirts
We introduced the followings:BRAND NAME: BEAUTYFLEX.
1] plastisol inks for direct ptg on tshirts and other blends.
2] plastisol transfer ptg inks for transfer mfg.
3] plastisol CMYK process screen inks with perfect caliberations.
4] plastisol back up adhesive for tfr ptg.
5] plastisol litho white.
6] plastisol based silver & other colour glitter printable paste.
7] plastisol based mettallic gold, silver, bronze, copper & aluminium.
8] plastisol based soft base for colour mix.
9] plastisol based crystal clear 505 for self look ptg effect.
10] clear 606 for glitter powder mixing.
11] clear coat 786 for 1st coat foundation.
12] clear and colour gell.
13] high density additive clear and colour.
14] puff additive clear and colour.
15] shimmers.
16] reflective.
17] foil adhesive.
18] flock adhesive.
19] glow in dark
20] different types of whites from inlay to extra super.
21] transfer ptg CMYK litho inks.
22] sublimation CMYK litho tfr inks.
23] discharge paste for denim jeans, cotton, lycra & hosiery.
24] khadi paste water based.
25] fixers & binders.
26] foam and foam binders.
28] water based plastisol type inks.
29] offset inks.
30] screen ptg inks for pvc, paper, foil etc.
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