Sell Bedwetting nursing instrument for the paralytic elder

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For the paralytic elders, it is a common thing for them to relieve themselves lost control , their children feel grieved and helpless. if not discovered in time, it is very easy to get the bedsore and even worse
That have added the family to lots of troublesome, not only the patient's mind but also the body received serious hurt
Our suggestions for the bedsore:
A, use ventilated cotton diaper;
B, discover the pee in time;
C, lend support to medicine .
The bedwetting nursing instrument for the disabled old man developed by our company, can warn by flash and voice after detecting the pee .
Because it can fit various ranges of normal diapers , then make the cost lower, solve your annoyance thoroughly and guarantee the elder's health.
2, Product function
A, Warn by flashing and voice: Even the elder with poor ear will see the flashing alarm to change the diaper in time
B, Intelligent monitoring function: The alarm will continue unless the diaper is changed. That will avoid the lost notice.
C, The common No.5 battery , more convenient
Brand Name
Available Colors
red or yellow
Condition of Goods
Power Requirements
220v 50-60hz
Warranty Coverage
Standby time of battery 3-6month