Sell Bee Royal Jelly Capsules

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1) "Jinglei" bee royal jelly capsules can make healthy longevity of people.
Can raise immunity of human body to prevent from disease and anti-disease
2) Made by freezing, using vacuum sublimation and drying fresh bee royal jelly at
-35oC, removing moisture without breaking activity of special
compositions at all, and thus into a bee royal jelly capsule (powder) with normal
temperature conservancy
3) Convenient for schleping, safe to eat, and with significant effect
4) Raw materials chosen from unpolluted fresh bee royal jelly during rape florescence
in northwest of the country, plus advanced testing, freeze drying equipment,
process flow, and strict scientific management, which guarantees good quality
5) Direct selling price: USD16.50/pc
6) Main raw material: bee royal jelly powder
7) Health benefit: strong immune system
8) Suggested usage and quantity: twice a day, 2 capsules a time
9) Specifications: 0.25g x 32 capsules x 4 small piece
10) Quality guarantee time: 24 months
11) Executive standard: Q/HFY11-2004