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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me take opportunity to inform you about the product we produce, it is high quality bee venom. We have the customers from many countries of the world; they mainly are big pharmaceutical factories, companies and research centers that regularly order us bee venom powder.
According to quality and price we haven't competitors in the international market. Georgian bee venom has especially high quality when compared with bee venom of other sources. This is due to its high phospholipaseA2 activity and high percentage of melittin. Melittin composition in the bee venom we produce is never less then 60% and quite often far higher.
We assure you that the large quantities, highest quality and lowest price make our Bee Venom powder the best product on the market. We are the members of German Apitherapy Society.
Our bee venom is fantastic for producing not only injectable solution, but for producing cream, drops and pills, as well as for scientific research. Certificates, analyses results and the samples of our bee venom can be sent to you as required by your needs.
The price of the Bee Venom powder ranges from $35.00 to $37.00 USD per gram!!!
For more information please, feel free to contact us any time.
Awaiting your reply
Yours Sincerely
Kate Gurasashvili
Deputy Director
New Techniques Laboratory Ltd
Brand Name
Bee venom
Supply Capacity
50 kg per year
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10 kgs