Sell Beer Glass bottle filling & capping machine

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beer filling macine is
1. Filling capping 2 in 1 machine
2. Glass bottle
3. Crown cap
4. Capacity:1000-8000B/Hour.
Beer filling machine adopts continuous automatic control for liquid level in the filling bowl, double-leader type centering cover, twice vacuumizing, low-temperature equal-pressure filling, automatic concentrated lubrication and the capping heads have been installed with overloading protection device. The crafty cap-unscrambling and capping design with overloading protection and the function is sufficient. It is controlled by PLC.

The machine is adope the advanced international technology, The filling machine's design

scientific and reasonable, appearance is beautiful, operation and

maintenance is convenient, and it's high degree of automatization, so this beer filling

machine is the good machine for choosing by the beer filling factory.

Main Technical Parameter:
Model BGF12/6 BGF18/6 BGF24/6 BGF32/8
Production capacity(500ml) 1000-1200B/H 2000-3000B/H 4000-5000B/H 6000-8000B/H
Total power 1.5Kw 1.5Kw 3.75Kw 5.6Kw
Weight 2000Kg 2400Kg 3000Kg 3500Kg
Overall dimension 1700x1100x2300mm 1830x1320x2300mm 1950x1580x2500mm 2100x1850x2500mm