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Product Name: Refined Yellow and White BeeswaxPlace of Origin: ChinaYou will find beeswax used in a variety of fields, e. g. cosmetics,
coatings for TCM herbal pills, floor wax and church candles. Prized
since ancient times, fragrant beeswax is popularly used in people's
daily lives.

Varieties available:
1) Unprocessed beeswax
2) Refined yellow beeswax
3) Refined white beeswax
4) Finished items: beeswax candles and granular beeswax

Quality of all 3 of the above types of beeswax is roughly equal:
1) Sap value: 87 ~ 110KOHmg/g
2) Acid value: 17 ~ 24KOHmg/g
3) Melting point: 62 ~ 67oC