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Bel'Air Hydrotherapy Essential Oil is specially formulated for baths. Containing various natural fragrances, this plant essential oil is completely soluble in water and reacts with it to release Phytoncidere, which is the plant natural anti-bodies. Immersing yourself in this bath is like falling into the warm embrace of plant essences that work to dissipate all fatigue and stress!


1. Emanates apleasant fragrance, relieves stress, reduces fatigue, soothes the senses and enhances
well-being for your body and mind.

2. Dissolves rapidly in water within a few seconds, will not float on water surface like ordinary essential oil.

3. Makes good affinity with water, bubbles will form naturally when you use the bathtub or when you direct shower jet about 2cm above the water surface.

4. Rinsing after the bath is not required, as skin would feel naturally smooth, soft and comfortable.

5. If bath water is not drained after the bath, it can be left overnight for the fragrance to continue emanating.


Fill your bathtub until it is half-full, then pour 1-2 bottle caps (about 10ml) of BelAir Hydrotherapy Essential Oil into the water to enjoy a natural forest bath with its pleasant fragrance.

Flexible Usage:

Half-body Bath:
The kind of bath that is most suitable for health is the half-body bath (for the lower body) . The temperature cannot be too hot, preferably 37 degreeC  39 degreeC, which is closest to body temperature. The bath time cannot be too long as excessive absorption of water could instead engender dry skin conditions. Long bath times should be segmented. In other words, rest for a while before the next bath. Each bath session should preferably not exceed 20 minutes.

Bathe your feet in water with desirable temperature, for a suitable duration. Besides being beneficial to health, it delivers effects similar to a foot massage.

Ingredients: Water Purified/ Pinus Palustris Extracts / Castor Seed Extracts/ Limonene/ Rice Bran Extracts/ Triethanolamine

Bel'Air Hydrotherapy Essential Oil:

Rose: Soothes the senses, inducing a romantic ambience
Lavande: Induces relaxation, soothes mental irritation, aids in sleep
Chamomile: Soothes the senses, yielding a tranquil state of mind
Anti-Stress: Relieves stress while eliminating fatigue
Green Tea: Induces a pleasant sensation, invigorates the spirits

(Volume: 100ml)