Sell Benchtop Temperature Controlled Centrifuge

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"Max Speed:5000r/min Max RCF: 3550Wg
Max Capacity: 400ml
Speed Accuracy: 130r/min
Temperature Range: -200-400
Temperature Accuracy: 110
Time Range: 0-99min
Power Supply: AC 220V 50Hz 18A
Noise: <=65dB
Dimension: 630W550W360(mm)
Weight: 85kg"
"1. Microprocessor control, operated by touch panel, LED display, operated data can be saved automatically, easy to use.
2. Brushless Motor, Bearing from Europe, smoothly running and maintenance free.
3. Multistage damping system, the freon-free compressor from Europe, low noise and slight vibration, green. 4. Steel body, stainless steel centrifugal chamber, imports of key components, durable and easy to clean.
5. Rotor identification system, overspeed, overtemperature, door interlock, unbalanced protection, ensure safety.
6. The function of pre-cooling and pre-heating, and fast cooling/heating. Particular SBT speed control design, fast acceleration and deceleration, high efficiency.
7. The temperature accuracy is 110 during the 40 to 370 in the static state. Can be stability in the 370, and mainly applies to centrifugal sperm and temperature sensitive cell. "