Sell Bencoin Essential Oil

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Suitable for all skin types.


1, Psychology:Appease emotion, remove tension and pressure, ease anxiety, depression and sorrow.

2, Physical:Effectively water your lung, stop coughing, quiet nerves. Improve urinary system and inflammation. Adjust internal secretion. Treat leukorrha-gia and premature ejaculation.

3, Skin:Effectively use to crazing, dry skin, frostbite, ulceration and wounds.


1, Skincare:Mix 3 droplets with 10ml lothin, apply to affected part.

2, Whiten Freckl(night) :Mix 2 droplets with 10 ml sweet almond oil, then massage until all absorbed.

3, Scalp Psoriasis:Mix 20 droplets with 50ml shampoo, massage scalp for 5mins before cleaning