Sell Benzobarbital

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It's a national key new product and high-new technical product of Jiangsu province, which fills in the gap in domestic market. It gains scientific and technical progress praise successively. Its quality complies with the standard of NEQ:C42-13458-05.
[CAS NO. ] 744-80-9
[Commodity name] Benzobarbital
[Formula] C19H16N2O4
[Molecular weight] 336.34
[Appearance] A white crystalline powder, bitter
[Solubility] Practically insoluble in water, slightly soluble in 95% ethanol, soluble in ether and easily soluble in chloroform
[Acidity] pH=6.0-6.8
[Melting point] 134-137
[Clarity and color of solution] Clear and colorless in its 5ml of 1% 1N NaOH solution.
[Assay] >=99.0%
[Usage] Intermediate of pharmaceuticals
[Package] 25kg/fibre drum
[Related substances] Sum of impurities<=0.8% , single impurities<=0.4%
[Chlorides] <=0.005%
[Sulphates] <=0.025%
[Sulfate ash]<=0.1%
[Heavy metals]<=0.001%