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Best Massage Chair BR-8500B
Features & Descriptions:
*Equipped with a set of four-wheel driven intelligentized massage mechanism which can move forward, backward, upward and downward with muted design.
*Using the Body Scan and Adjustment technology to deliver a massage that is personalized for your body.
*Designed with five automatic massage programs: Tiredness removing, Pain elimination, Relaxation, Neck massage and Lumbar massage.
Offers manual massage for the upper body with three option, such as entire width between the massage heads could be adjusted in three levels.
*Designed with air pressure massage functions (42 air bags and 1 pair of fan-shaped seat air bags are equipped inside) with three intensity levels.
*MP3 play activated by inserting your U-disc into the unit, automatic interaction function between music and massage intensity.
*Hidden air pressure massage functions of the arm area, air pressure massage functions of the shoulder sides.
*The backrest, calfrest and the massage heads will automatically restore when turning off the unit.
*Backrest adjustment angle reaches 1650.
*Massage programs can be saved into three memory buttons; you can save your favorable program and use it any time you like.
*Designed with special air pressure massage function of neck, shoulder side and lumbar.
*Foot massage with heating function.
*Enjoy MP3, MP4, electronic photo and games with the control panel which is supported by the advanced Touch-Screen Technology.

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