Sell Beta-cypermethrin  public health insecticide

Beta-cypermethrin  public health insecticide You May Also Be Interested In: alpha cypermethrin beta cyfluthrin beta cypermethrin household pests propoxur
we can apply beta-cypermethrin:(97%TC,4.5%EC, 6%wp,10%SC, 20%SP) , cypermehtrin(94%TC,5%EC, 10%EC, 5%WDG) and beta-cypermethrin+propoxur10%SC, which is used to repellent and kill the household pests, such as: mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches.

we also offer:
beta-cypermethrin+permethrin+tetramethrin 10%EC,
beta-cypermethrin+permethrin+tetramethrin SL,
beta-cypermethrin+lambda-cyhalothrin WP,
permethrin 95%TC,10%EC, 25%EC, 5%EC, 5%EW, 25%WP,
lambda-cyhalothrin 96%TC, 2.5%EC, 5%EW, 10%WP, 4.5%SC,
cyfluthrin 2.5%EC, 5.7%EC,
beta-cyfluthrin 5.7%EC, 1.25%SC, 2.5%SC,
alpha-cypermethrin 97%TC, 5%WP,1.5%SC,5%SC, 10%SC, 10%ULV,7.5%ULV,
beta-cypermethrin+propoxur 15%WP,
propoxur 93%TC, 20%EC,
phoxim 30%EC,
acetamiprid 20%SC,20%SL,20%SP,10%WP,70%WP,
imidacloprid 70%WS, 70%WDG,20%SL, 10%SC,
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