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Sirs and Madams:
We formulated Biker Wash for you, the avid biker. We ride too, we understand. We're sick of products that are made with cucumbers and strawberries. How are you supposed to get clean?

You want soap. You want soap to wash your body, hair and face - all three in one. You want it to lather good so that you can also shave with the soap. You want no sissy smell. I understand.

You also want a soap to wash your bike with.
If it's good for the body, it's good for the bike.

Did you know that most lathering soaps are made from the same stuff; shampoo, laundry soap, dishwashing soap, body wash, car wash, floor cleaners etc. , are basically the same? What's different is the additives - the scent, the texture, etc. We don't add any of those - we make a good soap.

Biker Wash is simple. It is a good soap.

Our promise to you:

Our products never have a sissy smell.
Our products are formulated for men - not "girlie men. "
Our products are made with the finest ingredients.
Our products will get you and your motorcycle clean.
(Wrenchers - please use a little kerosene or similar to remove the grease and oil before you enter the shower. Keeps the peace with the ol' lady. )
Our labels are always in English only and are made in the USA.
We do not test on animals, but if we did - so what?
Actually Biker Wash is a good pet shampoo.
We only sell wholesale, search for "motorcycle accessory" to find a dealer near you.
Thanks, ride safe.
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