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Product Description
Billy Blanks the fitness instructor for Tae Bo craze. He's now returned with an all new set of fitness DVD's and videos with high energy pump. He has guest appearances with different celebrities from Hollywood who also crave a good workout. In his infomercial TV product videos, he is dressed in military clothes, which is commonly known as camo fatigues. The people around him who exercise are also in well formed condition. You could consider Billy Blanks to be a fitness motivator. Mentally he pumps you up and physically he conditions your body. Sweat! Sweat! Sweat! When you follow along on his Boot Camp videos. Whether you are or not in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines you can bet that his Boot Camp work out will achieve goals you can accomplish.

Billy's Boot Camp kit includes the following

Basic Training Boot Camp (55 minutes)
Ultimate Boot Camp (55 minutes)
Ab Boot Camp (35 minutes)
Billy Bands - Muscle toning stretch bands
7-Day Success Meal Plan
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20 days
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