Sell Bimetal Composite Anticorrosion Tubing (oilfield)

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This tubing is made from ordinary tubing as the base pipe and stainless steel thin wall tube as the lining inside, by technology of bursting-burning to add lining and to make base pipe contact tightly with inside lining. The technical process not only keeps all capabilities of base pipe, but also increases capability of corrosion preventive of tubing inside the stainless steel, and lengthens the service life of tubing greatly.

Technical Parameters
* Size of Base Tube: 23/8"~31/2" Nonupset & External upset Tubing
* Steel Grade of Base Tube: J, N, T, P, C, L,
* Material of Lining: stainless steel
* Thickness of Lining Coat: 0.40mm~1.50mm
* Length of composite Tube: 8.53m~9.75m
* Cutting Strength of Composite Layer: >=0.5MPa
* Positive Stress of Composite Layer: >=2MPa

* It is high heat-resistant, high pressure-resistant and anticorrosion. Its service life is 4 to 6 times longer than ordinary tubing's.
* Its mechanical performance is excellence, and meets requirements of API standard and the national industry standards.
* Surface of the Inside wall is smooth and does not cohere the dirt. It can increase the liquid volume of flow effectively.

The manufacturer is certificated by ISO and API-5CT.