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It is in especially to inform you that we are in a position of manufacturer for the captioned product and invite your interest. FIR health care heater, which is our newest product and got multinational patent right in world. It has the honor of obtaining the 9th Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Research Award in Taiwan, R. O. C. Please advise your inquiry with order quantities, VOLTAGE REQUEST and packing requirements, etc. The item is a hot compress product, which is classified into the 2nd section and hence unnecessary to get the permits from FDA for free sales in markets.

Outstanding Features:
This product / Heat Exchange Rubber is a kind of thin, soft piece of heating pad. Heating pads are widely used in the industry and on household appliances and are indispensable materials for, among others, electric heaters, heating machines, electric furnace, and electric hot-water boilers. As opposed to traditional heating pads that require high voltage, this product consumes only twelve voltage of direct current to generate thermal energy of 15oC to 25oC. In addition, this product can be manufactured in different shapes and with different thickness and its length can be extended to some hundred meters. This product can be installed on curve, cylinder-shaped objects to serve as a heat conductor with enhanced heat conductivity. The unique product / Heat Exchange Rubber, which honored to win the 9th Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Research Award, Ministry of Economic in Taiwan (2002 WINNER)

1. It is a flexible and thin of heat exchange rubber, to use the patented materials-Bio ceramic polymers.
2. Favorable to lower the cost of electric power.
3. It can be used to develop the products of far infrared rays and 100% heating efficacy around the overall pad.
4. It can prevent electro-magnetic wave.
APPLICATION: The application developed suitable are as follows:
1. Concerned article in house: wall, bed mattress, chair, feet warmer, a dressing room, frozen foods unfreezing.
2. Industrial concerned products: cover of pipe warming, flexible warming containers, SAUNA HEATER.
3. Agricultural and aquatic products: Agricultural products drying or fruits ripped, aquarium warming.
4. Anti-freezing products: mist-free for glass, door treadle on winter, snow removing for lane and garden footpath.
5. The style is designed for indoor, outdoor, in-flight, coach traveler, etc.
PRODUCTS and USE: (suitable in the markets of health care, medical treatment, gift, electric/electronic industry, etc. )
1. Heating Pad (LF-002/120VAC-120V) : Spinal protection, Warming, Arthritis prevention, Ache & Sciatic Alleviation, FUNCTION of FAR INFRARED RAYS. Also be used as warming seat in CAR and domestic SEATS / CHAIRS, etc.
2. Multipurpose FIR Heating Pad (LF-017) : Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) treatment, which is caused my too much working at a computer keyboard. Hand, wrist, arm and shoulder can be affected. The multipurpose heating pad (LF-017) , which is suitable to apply at various infected parts. Warming and Hot Compress to eye, neck, back, frozen shoulder, hand, wrist, arm, elbow, waist, abdomen, coccyges, thigh, knee, calf, ankle and sole. A FAR INFRARED RAYS (FIR) FUNCTIONAL HEATER, which very beneficial for rheumatism, RSI and sports injuries, spinal protection, arthritis prevention, ache & sciatic alleviation, various ache treatment and prevention, etc. LF-017 also is known to relax muscles, reduce stress, relieve pain, reduce swelling, help insomnia and fatigue and many other ailments. This is the perfect alternative pain relief with absolutely no adverse side effects.
3. Eye Pillow (LF-013) : The eye health care, eyestrain recovery, sleep promoting, to arouse and refreshing, to urge blood circulation, providing tension relief to the frontal, temporal and eye areas, also minimizes sight stimuli and corresponding distractions. Is very beneficial in relieving headaches when chilled in the freezer. Not microwave (pls open the attachment file for details)

We are looking for export opportunities in your territories as your esteemed organization dealing in same area. Anticipate your interest & favor, we assure international quality std. & consistent supply. Do not hesitate to contact us and let this opportunity pass you by. Hope you will reply earliest.

Thanks & Best regards,
Jin-Sheng Chen, President P. S. ODM IS WELCOME.
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