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Seaweed Fertilizer Power is produced by tow-time fermentation of algae using elaborately selected microbes. Power contains various nutrients which are easily to be absorbed by plants and bioactive substances that stimulate plant growth. It is an environmentally friendly product.
1. Non-toxic to human or animals, without contamination to the environment;
2. Complete nutrients: Power contains alginic acid, humic acids, nucleotides, algal polysaccharides, vitamins, and plant growth regulators(such as auxin, cytokinin, abscisic acid) as well as various macroelements(N, P, K) and microelements(Cu, Zn, B, Mo) .
3. Low application rate:240-720 ml/ha.
4. Good efficacy: Increasing yield of grain by 10-20%, of economic crops by 10-40%, of vegetables by 14-46%, and of fruits by 10-30%. The ratio of input to output is about 1:10-50.
5. Reducing application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and labor intensity and increasing agricultural profits.
1. Breaking seed dormancy, increasing seed germination percentage, and culturing complete and strong seedlings.
2. Improving the development of roots, enhancing the ability of roots to absorb nutrients in soil, and modifying soil fertility.
3. Promoting cell division and chlorophyll synthesis, enhancing photosynthesis by increasing the activities of enzymes involved, hence promoting balanced growth of plants.
4. Supplementing microelements and promoting their absorption by plants.
5. Promote flower bud division, preventing drop of flowers and fruits, promoting fruit expanding, fresh coloring, and early ripe.
6. Enhancing the resistance of plants to stresses, such as drought, cold and diseases.
7. Improving the quality of agricultural produce and increasing the agricultural profits.
Scope of application:
Power is used in cotton, fruits, vegetables, melons, tea, wheat, rice, maize, tobacco, and Chinese medical plants.
Methods of application:
1. Foliar spray: Spraying 2000 times dilute of Power(dilute 8ml Power with 15 kg water) onto plant leaves, flowers and fruits, spraying at interval of 15-20 days.
2. Root irrigation: Pouring 3000-4000 times dilute of Power into soil around the roots.
3. Seed soaking: Soaking seeds with 1000 times dilute of Power.