Sell Biological Microscope (BM-002C)

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WF10X eyepiece, 20mm diameter lens, 18mm minimum exit pupil (eyepiece installed with set screw)
dual head. One eyepiece is 450 inclined and the other is vertical with a diopter
Quadruple nosepiece with smooth operation and positive clip stops
4X, 10X, 40XR, 100XR (oil) DIN achromatic objectives, parcentered, parfocaled
Fully coated optics
Very smooth and accurate coaxial fine (0.002mm fine focus division) and coarse focusing with slip clutch, tension adjustment
All metal rack-and-pinion focusing with stage stop (also called focus stop)
Double layer 130x140mm (approximately) mechanical stage with 50x70mm (approximately) movement
NA 1.25 Abbe condenser with rack and pinion condenser focusing and normal condenser centering controls
Iris diaphragm with control lever and swing-out filter holder
20W/6V halogen illuminator, 110V, brightness adjustable, CE approved
Well painted, chemical resistant metal base and stand
Includes a heavy vinyl dust cover, immersion oil, spare bulb, and filters (yellow, green, blue)
Packed in a styrofoam inner carton with cardboard sleeve
ISO 9001 certified Each piece/carton labeled MI-5000DHD
CE ISO9000