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DesCop is a powerful Biometrics based desktop security system from Axis, which protects your computer from unauthorized use. You can control access to your sensitive files and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. It is very easy to use, is very frugal as far as your computer resources are concerned and very affordable.
DesCop utilities are designed to protect your system especially if you are using windows 95/98/ME, since these do not offer much security to the user. DesCop also offers powerful, easy to use encryption tools, screen saver tools and much more.
DesCop offers comprehensive data security protection by offering the following:

Logon/Screensaver for stand alone systems
Logging on to the network
File encryption system
Encryption of the file while sending it over the network
File/Folder/Drive/Application locking system

Secure access to data over a network

Comprehensive log & Audit tools

Adjustable security levels for authentication
Effective user management, supports multiple users on a single machine

Quick , simple and user friendly operations

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