Sell Biotechnology Slimming (Never REBOUNCE)

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KINTOP CAPSULE  Biotechnology Herbal product for Slimming
(Founded by : President Liang Hai  a Famous Pharmacologist)

1) No need Exercise
2) No Diet required  eating as normal
3) No other slimming suit required
4) No Side effects that cause hormones side effect, diarrhea or fatigue.
5) No BOUNCE BACK after completed 4-6 months
6) Cost is Just RM320 / month X 4 month = RM1,040 for full course.

Main Ingredients  Precious Chinese Herbal combination including Radix polygoni multiflori, Radix astragali, Radix notoginseng, cortex eucommiae, Radix et rhizoma rhei and spice prunellae.

Manufacturer : Hong Yang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. after 12 years of intensive studies. It was clinically tested on 100 voluntary patients for a period of 3 months with 100% effectiveness, 89.5% significance and an average reduction of 12.24 kg in body weight.

Suitable for: -
1. Children who are fat due to imbalanced diets
2. Obesity in women due to hormonal imbalance during adolescence, afterbirth or during menopause
3. White collar who use more brain power who are prone to obesity
4. Obesity cause by hypertension, diabetes, cardiac ailments and cardio-Vascular diseases
5. Obesity resulting in insomnia and loss of confident

Slimming Effect  Reduce lipids and slims, lubricates intestines and acts as a laxative, detoxifies and remove lipids, nourished the liver & kidneys, nourishes the blood, improves physique, improves eyesight and elevates production of saliva.

Suitable for treatment of: Defibe therapeutic effects in the treatment of obesity, simple obesity, afterbirth obesity, hyperlipemia, hardening of cerebral vessels, hypertension, diabetes and habitual constipation.

Others Slimming Products 
a) Medicinal fasting & Inhibition of Appetite using medicines (phenylamine)  Interrupt the endocrine system cause body weight to drop quickly but REBOUNCE after medication has been stopped.
b) Dehydration  Using process of diarrhea or increasing urination. This method only remove the water while the excessive fats remain untouched. This will cause arrhythmia, physical weakness, nausea and vomiting.
c) Fiber Food substitute  Destroy the regular pattern of nutrition cause one to be under starvation & it may lead to low blood glucose, damage to muscles, osteoporosis, metabolic disruptions, reduction in immunity & etc.

Statistics show that men with obesity are 15 times more prone to coronary heart disease and angina pectoris & 4-5 times more prone to myocardiac. Women are 6.8-37 times more prone to angina pectoris and 0.7 times more prone to myocardiac.

Approximately > of the aged diabetic patients contracted the disease due to overweight as one of the reasons. This is because those obese eat a lot, causing an increase in the secretion of insulin, resulting in hereditary exhaustion of the insulin and in the long run, its shortage leads to diabetes.

Hypertension and obesity are directly proportionate because of the increase in plasma insulin in the obese. Hypertension is activated by the absorption of sodium and elevation in the stimulation of the nervous system. According to calculations, 91% of obese men and 98% of those women have systolic blood pressures exceeding 160 mmHg and diastolic blood pressures exceeding 95 mmHg

Clinical observations show suffering from obesity are prone to drowsy suffocation syndrome, impotence due to obesity, polytrichosis and arthritis, while women have higher chances of contracting amenia, irregular vaginal bleeding, infertility, cancer of the cervix, cancer of the endometrium, cancer of the ovaries and breast cancer.

Experiments showed that by consuming 2 KINTOP capsules daily, the absorption of some 200 mg fats can be prohibited and a reduction of 4cm in waist measurement can be achieved. A VERY conservative estimate is that some 6-12 kg of fats in the food we take is not absorbed by human body, while some 3-7 kg of fats in the waist, tummy, buttocks and legs are decomposed.

Process I  KINTOP Stimulate the activity of enzymes with body which decomposes fats into cholic acid, increase of burning of Fat by the generator  The mitochondrion of cells, initiating the metabolism of fats with the body.

Process II  It Removes toxins and excessive fats while inhibiting the absorption of new fats.

Process III  Building up / balance FSC & HPC while rejecting the absorption of excessive fats by the body.

Cells within the human body are divided into Fat-Storage Cells (FSC)  and Heat Producing Cells (HPC) . FSC cause over-eating, sleepiness and laziness. KINTOP capsules work on FSC in human body, balancing your HPC & FSC, eradicating the problem at SOURCE.

HPC inhibit the activities of fats enzymes, obstructing the decomposition of fat while reducing the permeability of the lymphatic ducts, decreasing the absorption of fats and promoting activities of oxy-glycerophosphatase while increasing the burning of fats. It also increases peristalsis of the digestive system, excreting original and metabolized fats from the body while improving the distribution of nutrients and optimizing the absorption and utilization of energy within the human body. This removes excessive fats from the waist and the tummy while removing fats accumulated in the buttocks. It elevates the decomposition of fats in the while balancing the heat-producing cells and fat-storage cells in line with 4 main standards and 3 prohibitions (No Fasting, No Rebounce, No Diarrhea) proposed by the world health organization in laying down a new concept in slimming.

Timing & Re-actions: -

1st  10th days
You will feel heat building up in your tummy, waist, hips and the fats on both sides of the tummy begins to vibrate while decomposing the fats into waste matters, but remember to drink more water.

11th  20th days
There will be strong force moving within your body (Tummy, waist, Hips & legs) and fats are fast decomposing. Weight yourself and you would have lost 2-3 kg and your waist would have gone down by 2-6 cm. Remember, still have to drink more water!

21st  30th days
Discover that your face looks more radiant, fairer & much slimmer. Your waist, tummy and hips would have slimmed down a lot & lost another 2-3 kg & waist down by 2-6 cm.

31st  60th days
You have successfully arrived at stage 2. KINTOP Capsules have activated the metabolism of fats with your body. Stopped the absorption of new fats and built up a balance in the absorption of nutrients within your body. You would easily lost 2-6 kg.

61st  90 days
Your have enter the consolidated period & KINTOP capsules have thoroughly balanced & Control the HPC & FSC. You can take 1 capsule a day or continue next year after completed your course between 4-6 months.

Other Important Infomations.

1. KINTOP Capsule contains tanshinone which dilates micro-circulatory vessels and growth of elastic fibers to reduce wrinkle after slimming.
2. Aid in therapeutic effect  Reduce hyperglycemia by 30%, blood pressure 10% and blood glucose by 20%.
3. Certain user have slow re-action because they do not have a lot fat & can see the result after 2-3 months instead of 1st month.
4. KINTOP Capsules may cause one the experience slightly oily stools.
5. It is advisable not to take together with tea.
6. Advisable to take 1 box after 6 month or 1 year to re-generate & balance HPC.
7. Avoid Junk Food to optimize your sliming program.
8. Drink more water & advise to eat more vegetable to avoid constipation.
9. A good dietary habit after 4-6 months of course should adjust to a balance diet with Good Breakfast, Filling Lunch & Light Dinner.

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