Sell Bipolar Radio Frequency Beauty System

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Wrinkle removal
Face: thin line, forehead wrinkle, cheek line, Wrinkle around lip, neck line,
and double chin,
Eye: the RF is effective for eyelid-sagging, wrinkles under eye and pouch.
Chest: Enhance chest shape, breast-beautifying and chest-strengthening
Body: tighten the loose-skin of arm, waist, abdomen, and leg and pregnancy line.
Monaliza Bipolar Radio Frequency (MBRF) uses RF technology accompanied by vacuum-assisted positioning and aspirating of the skin for wrinkle removal and skin tightening. High frequency wave permeates epidermis and take effect on the collagen-rich dermal tissue directly which makes water molecules in the skin move to and fro wildly. The heat generates and results in contraction of collagen and generation of new collagen and wrinkle renewal.
 Simple operation: User-friendly LCD screen makes the operation clearer
and more accurate.
 Adjustable negative pressure suction: negative pressure can be adjusted
on LCD according clients feeling.
 Safe and reliable: the treatment tip with safety control system can make electricity
cut off automatically under dangerous condition and make sure the operation safe.
 Accurate energy control: The energy of treatment area can be controlled automatically by digital micro-control system
 Good result: It really has good result proved by clinical testing, especially for skin-tightening, breast-beautifying and chest- building up.
 Simple repair: Module-design makes the repair simple and convenient.
Energy Source: Radio Frequency
Frequency Output: 10M Hz
Power input: 300W
Power output: 50W
Pulse duration: 1-20 seconds
Vacuum: 1-10 level, 4-50Hg
Running mode: Pulse/PWM
Maximum contact temperature: <=600
Weight: 20kg
Dimension: 430(W) x 490(D) x1015(H) mm
Voltage: AC220V 110%, 50Hz, 12A
430(W) x 490(D) x1015(H) mm