Sell Birjand Saffron.

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Saffron is a very unique and incomparable plant with a special specification and a complex technology, which has been transferred chest to chest by the farmers.

The prominent characteristic of this plant are:

l) Appearance of the flower before any other growing part. .

2) its growth starts in fall and ends in spring.

3) lack of fertilizing grain on the contrary of other complete flowers.

4) the necessity of picking the flowers early in morning and before getting hot.

At the present time, Iran is producing over 90% of the whole saffron of the world and is staying in the first place on this concern.

The expansion of Iran Saffron export is very important, as, the advantages of Iran saffron is in such a way that other countries purchase it in bulk and after putting it in convenient packages, will sell it in the international markets as their own product. While other countries has not yet been able to produce a well quality saffron such as Iran due to the regional condition, climate and Other factors.