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Triunfo is the leading brand of the Portuguese biscuit market and offers a portfolio of about 100 products.

Chipmix, one of Triunfo brand is the number 1 cookies in Portugal.
Moreover, Proalimentar, another Triunfo brand is the number 1 product range in the Portuguese market leading the Healthy segment.
Willing to satisfy the needs of its consumers by offering a large range of products, the company allows the distributors to mix containers.

The main brands of Triunfo are:

 Healthy range:
Proalimentar range, Digestive, Hobnobs. In this area, Triunfo produces different types of biscuits: Wholemeal, Oat biscuits, high fibre content, with fruit, vitamins and essential minerals and a range of sugar, salt and cholesterol free

 Trustworthy range:
Belgas, Maria, Torrada, Shortcake, Waferland, Classicos, Tartlets, Hookies and Sortidos

 Kids Nutritious range:
Diver, Lmnguas de Gato, Tuchas and Joaninhas.

Moreover, here are all the range of Chipmix:

- Chipmix Tradicional
- Chipmix Chocolate
- Chipmix Ultra Choc Leite and Chipmix Ultra Choc Negro - the chocolate cookie covered with milk or dark chocolate - for the real chocolate lovers.
- Mini Chipmix - the same taste 50% smaller, in an innovative packaging (canister) that allows you to eat any time, anywhere!
- Chipmix Ultra Choc Branco - Chipmix Chocolate covered with Portuguese consumers' favourite white chocolate.