Sell Bismuth Subcarbonate

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properties: white to pale yellowish powder, oorless and tasteless, soluble in nitric acidhydrochloric acid, insoluble in water, either with the other organism melting agent.
usage; machine industry manufacturing all kinds of addirive with the compound of Bismuth, daily chemical engineering industry manufacturing cosmetics, face powder, the plastics industry makes the bead light plastics, the enamels packs the industry used to help of melting, the medicine industry used to the astringent, stomach of treatment and 12 intestinal ulcers etc. and protect the stomach and itestines glues also refrains from rash action.
reference standard: chinese medicine (90 version)
packing and storage: inside plastics in fiberboard boxes, with net weight 25kgs or 50kgs, stored in the cool and dry building. water defend sour rotten and defend damaged etc.
quality standard: bismuth subcarbonate (account with the bi) 82%