Bitchwear Apparel

Bitchwear Apparel
Bitchwear Apparel is a new apparel company that targets women ages 18 to 34. The Bitchwear logo is the acronym B. I. T. C. H. which stands for Babe In Total Control of Herself.

This is the philosophy of Bitchwear Apparel. A women has the right to be respected regardless her beauty, intelligence, and even her choice of attire. Bitchwear Apparel's niche will be causual and intimate apparel.

With every clothing item delivered is the B. I. T. C. H. Definition/Mantra

Definition: Bitch (bich) noun 1. ) Offensive Slang. A spiteful or overbearing woman. 2. ) What a guy calls a girl when she wont let him get his way.

New Definition: Bitch (bich) noun 1. ) The Truth. A guy who calls a girl that when she wont let him get his way. 2. ) A girl who knows what she wants. A girl who wont compromise her beliefs, her values, her integrity. A girl who is in total control of her life. A B. I. T. C. H. - Babe In Total Control of Herself

Bitchwear Apparel

Please contact us about quantity discount pricing that is not reflected by sale price.

Part of all sales go to help battered and abused women gain control of their lives. We are also diverting some sales to help women displaced by the hurricanes.
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