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Product Introduction
The plant Momordica charantia belongs to the family cucuritaceae and is commonly known as bitter melon, the young tender fruit may supply edible, because the taste acquires fame painstakingly. Produces the tropics Asia originally, widely distributes the subtropics, the tropics and the temperate zone area. The bitter melon included rich Vitamin B, C, the calcium, the iron and so on, Chinese Ming Dynasty medicine scientist Li Shi Zhen said that the bitter melon had " eliminates the evil heat, the solution tired, to purify the mind the clear vision, the profit gas to fortify yang " the effect. The modern research discovery, it has obviously falls the blood sugar function, has certain curative effect to diabetes. It also has certain anti-viral ability and against cancer's effect.

Active Ingredients
Phytoinsulin, Triterpenes, Elaterin, Amino acids & Vitamins

Product Specification
25:1 concentrated powder extract (20% Total Saponins)
Different specs of Bitter Melon Extracts available