Sell Black LLDPE Cable Sheathing Compound (LDH)

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This product is used as sheath in communications cable, controlling cable, signal cable and optical fiber cablewhich usually have strict requirements on anti environmental stresscracking. The highest working temperature is 700.

1, Performance:

LLDPE as basic resin, with modified resin, carbon black, lube, antioxygen, dispersant
, special type processingauxiliary added, is mixed and pressed with double screw extruding machine. The typical performance of this productis:time of anti environmental stress cracking>500 hours; cable extruded with smooth and bright surface-solve completely LLDPE processing defect of sharkskin. Both technology index and processing performanceis of the mostadvanced in China. Its quality is qualified to compare with the similar product produced by America United Carbon Company(U. C. C)

2, This product is in full accordance to the following requirements:

1, Requirements for LDH line in GB15065-94 wire-and cable-use black PE plastic standard.