Sell Black Polyester Film

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Black Polyester Film

Description: Use: light-tight; flat and glossy surface without crystallization points;
applicable to various electronic sounds
Specification: 40mm-188mm
Package: Polyester film is wound around paper shaft with an internal diameter
of 76.2mm-152.4mm and covered with polyethylene film; each coil is supported by damper and put in carton; medium and large package needs wooden mount.
Labeling: Each film coil bears work certificate and packing list which covers product name,
axle number, thickness, length, width, weight and date of production.
Storage & Transport:Polyester film should be stored in cool, dry and clean warehouse
and should not be near fire source, heating and sunlight. It has a guarantee period
of 18 months, but an overdue film can also be used if it passes the technical test.
During the conveying, strike, extrusion, sunlight and rain should be avoided.
Quantity :1200tons/year