Sell Black Silicon Carbide Powder

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Our company, established in 1997, is a professional manufacturer of Brown Fused Alumina, Black & Green Silicon Carbide Grains and Powders . The superiority of the enterprise in the powder industry lies in its specialization and standardization. Among all its products, the green, black silicon carbide micro powder possess high purity, narrow distribution and super fine, directly used in wire sawing and fine polishing in the piezoelectric crystal industry. The products are also widely used in glass, quartz, semiconductor materials, metals, coated and bonded abrasives.

Available products: FEPA, ANSI, JIS, P, ISO Standard
BFA: F16-220, F230-1200; JIS #230-#6000; P16-220, P230-2500
C: F16-220, F230-1200; JIS #230-#6000; P230-2500
GC: F16-220, F230-1200; JIS #230-#6000; P230-2500

Having a well-trained management team, with a complete QC systems of ISO9001, state-of-the-art technical inspection facilities and manufacturing equipment. 70% of the products sales to the USA, Japan and Korea with competitive price, high and stable quality.


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