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1. Function and Application
The extract is from the natural black soybean peel with dark-purplish red powder which has a good solubility in water-ethanol solution, the main active ingredient iscyanidin-3-galactoside, a efficient antioxidant, can be used widely in the healthy food industry.
It shows pink in acid solutions, purplish-red in neutral solutions and blue-black in alkaline solutions. According to GB-2760-1996, this product could be used in beverage, wine, food and cosmetics.
2. Quality and Specifications
a. Anthocyanin 5% 10% 25% UV
b. Color Value E1%1cm52515nm: 20 30 40 50 60 UV
3. Product characteristics
a. The extract solvent is only with water and ethanol; which ensure the safety of the product.
b. Stable techinic with strict quality control system.
c. Low ash, impurity.
d. Complete product tracing system and techinic support.
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